Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kathleen Harrell - Northern Colorado Writer Feature


Kathleen Harrell
Northern Colorado Writer's Group

A member since March, 2009, I began writing in the back seat of the family station wagon while being carted from one military post to another. By seventh grade I had attended thirteen schools, and writing, knitting and music had replaced people as my permanent friends. Today my husband and I have retired to Carter Lake, a thousand feet over Loveland, Colorado, where I indulge those passions plus cooking, baking, travel and watching wildlife. These are the happiest days of my life.

My first novel, A quirky good vs. evil fantasy, was much easier to write than edit. It seemed to tumble out, consuming my life.

Author Spotlight #16 - Anna L. Walls

King by Right of Blood and Might
By Anna L. Walls


King by Right of Blood and Might is about a young prince who must learn how to become a king from someone other than his father. While on this journey of learning, he discovers that his life of isolation was not the norm and that his father's reclusiveness has allowed the country to fragment nearly to the point of extinction. He also comes to realize that if he simply returns home, he has no hope of changing anything. During his efforts to find out how this could have been allowed to happen, Prince Harris stumbles into a legend that allows him to acquire an army, and when legends begin to walk the Earth, it is to be expected that fairytales join forces with him - they all have a bone to pick with the evil that grips Pennland, and it behooves
everyone that it be defeated before it can spread its cancer any further.

Please check out my website for a complete synopsis and you can read a few sample pages as well.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Autor Spotlight #15 - Michael Poeltl

The Judas Syndrome
By Michael Poeltl


The Judas Syndrome is an unforgettable portrait of survival against the odds. Joel, the protagonist, is a teen whose dreams of entering college in the fall have disintegrated with the rest of the civilized world. Experiencing a barrage of sinister premonitions prior to a camping trip, Joel struggles to shrug them off as nothing more than anxiety over the newest cyber-terror, the Grimm Reaper. For months the Reaper has been inundating the airwaves with threats of mass destruction if world governments do not adhere to his plethora of ridiculous demands. Finally, he does more than just threaten.

The deed done, the Reaper’s threats now realized, Joel and his small band of friends find themselves alone in a dying world. Their families are all dead and gone, and Joel’s family home is now their stronghold. Faith and faithlessness are investigated as his ongoing visions prepare Joel for the realization that the worst is far from over. Prisoners to a darkened sky and toxic earth, the group fights to survive.

Author Spotlight #14 - Bill DeSmedt

By Bill DeSmedt


7:14 a.m. June 30th, 1908 -- The most devastating cosmic collision in recorded history rocks Central Siberia, decimating thousands of square kilometers of ancient forest, yet leaving behind not a shred of hard evidence as to what caused it.

What if, as some astrophysicists have theorized, the culprit was a submicroscopic black hole, smaller than an atom, heavier than a mountain, older than the stars? What if that fantastic object is still down there, burrowing through the Earth's mantle, locked into a decaying orbit that could one day consume the entire planet? What if you could capture it, and harness its awesome power to transform the world -- or end it?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Author Spotlight #13 - Patrick McQuade

Magical Tales of Enchanted Mysteriousness - Vol. One

By Daria and Patrick J. McQuade

An illustrated collection of fantasy, horror, humor and the absurd. This book is a combination of these genres, ranging from the silly and humorous to the dark and macabre, and all roads in-between.

Magical Tales of Enchanted Mysteriousness - Vol One is an homage to the wonderful world that is FANTASY, in all its varying forms. - NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART -

An anthology of 29 documents, short fiction, poems, songs, advertisements and folklore provides a close look at the fringe culture of a far away land. Features such notables as "The Old Man on the Hill", "Holiday Poems for the Brave", "Beets McGee", "The Greatest Eater in All of Coppington", and "The Fantastic Vision of Gad Felori". Written by Daria & Patrick J. McQuade. Features 60 illustration by Patrick J. McQuade.

"A subtle and scintillating duet, lush with color, meticulous detail, and a wondrous, magic-land hysteria." - John Reed, author of "All the World's A Grave: A New Play by William Shakespeare".

Author Spotlight #12 - Frank Fiore

Cyber Kill
By Frank Fiore

How Far Will an Artificial Intelligence Go for Revenge?

A brilliant programmer, Travis Cole, inadvertently creates "Dorian," an artificial intelligence that lives on the Internet. After Cole attempts to terminate his creation, Dorian stalks his young daughter through cyberspace in an attempt to reach Cole to seek revenge.
When cyber-terrorism events threaten the United States, they turn out to stem from the forsaken and bitter Dorian.

In the final conflict, Dorian seeks to kill his creator - even if it has to destroy all of humanity to do it.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Author Spotlight #11 - Trina James

SciFi/Speculative fiction trilogy
By Trina James

TheMPire: In Search of the LostThe MPire: In Search of the Lost-An enchanted story of Mallory Haulm uniting the four horsemen while accepting his charge as Death; struggling to balance his earthly paradise with his diabolical calling.

The MPire: Death ComethThe MPire: Death Comethdivulges life shattering secrets fated to move Heaven and Earth. Tranforming him and requiring him to take his rightful place as Death the fourth horsemen. The battle lines have been drawn and the most consecrated ritual will allow only one to be Death. Who will survive?

Check out author:
Trinia James, PHE Ink

Friday, December 11, 2009

Author Spolight #10 - Mark Chapman

Sunrise Destiny
2010 EPIC Award-nominated sci-fi novel
By Mark Chapman


When private detective Donatello Sunrise is coerced into finding a Mob boss’s daughter, he stumbles onto a much bigger case. Dozens of women, all young, all petite, have disappeared in recent weeks. Mysterious and conflicting clues seem to point to a government conspiracy, a mad scientist bent on global domination, or perhaps abduction by bloodthirsty alien vampires. Nothing makes any sense. Before he knows it, Sunrise and his hooker sidekick Lola find themselves in a life-or-death struggle. The Mob wants them dead, the cops want them for serial murders—even the kidnappers are after them. With the fate of two worlds intertwined, Sunrise and Lola must somehow help the good guys defeat the evil ones. The trick is telling one from the other.

Author Spotlight #9 - David Lee Summers

The Solar Sea
By David Lee Summers


Humans settled the Moon and satellites orbiting the Earth were a common sight, but with the abolition of NASA, humans had no desire to go further and space exploration died. Then, a technician from the Very Large Array, a radio telescope in New Mexico, discovers powerful particles orbiting Saturn’s moon, Titan, which could be a new energy source. Strangely enough, following the discovery’s announcement, whales around the Earth changed their songs overnight. As scion of the powerful Quinn Corporation, Thomas Quinn builds a solar sail—a vessel pushed by sunlight itself—to find the source of these particles in Titan’s orbit. He gathers the best and brightest team to pilot his craft: Jonathan Jefferson, an aging astronaut known as the last man on Mars; Natalie Freeman, a distinguished Navy captain; Myra Lee, a biologist, specializing in whale communication; and John O’Connell, the technician who first discovered the particles. All together they make a grand tour of the solar system and discover not only wonders but dangers beyond their imagination. Drawing on his experience as an astronomer, David Lee Summers has created a story that is both exciting and plausible, one that can be enjoyed by both the young and young-at-heart who enjoy looking at the planets on a clear night and dreaming of what could be.

Author Spotlight #8 - Paul Genesse

The Golden Cord

By Paul Genesse, Author and Editor

Author of The Golden Cord and The Dragon Hunters
Books One and Two of the Iron Dragon Series
(Five Star Books)

Some bonds can never be broken.

A hunter must leave behind the woman he loves, give up all hope of survival, as he is forced to guide his most hated enemies on a suicidal journey to the lair of the dragon king.

Author Spotlight #7 - Kim Mc Dougall

Caul Shroud and Veil
Book I of the FireRaisers Trilogy
By Kim McDougall

Genre: Fantasy
Length: 369 pages
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing


How do you extinguish a sentient forest fire? And should you?

Canaan, a broken god, and Maia, a young FireRaiser, face the horrors behind a sentient forest fire razing the continent of Gnoss. Gnoss' divine king, Alred, is too wrapped up in his own fears to believe that his kingdom is truly threatened by a power greater than his own. These three characters collide in a battle of wills. Each is dependent on the other. Each believes he is alone to battle the demons that come from inside as well as those hiding in the darkest forests.

Maia was raised a devout Gnossin but when she meets Alred, she learns that he is a man like any other. Still, she reveres him as a god until he steals her son. In her most desperate hour, she turns to Canaan and the old gods. With their help, she must find the inner power to become a true FireRaiser.

Author Spotlight #6 - Andrew S. Leiter

Marooned on MOGO
By Andrew S. Leiter


Light-years from Earth exists a planet like no other. A spiraled world which humans have colonized , mining precious fuels, and erecting powerful force fields which hold the most deadliest creatures of the wild at bay. Four space traveling kids (Clark, Chelsea, Caleb and Cali) embark on the adventure of their lifetime when space pirates attack, separating them from their parents. Stranded on this alien world alone, their only hope is to find their uncle, who holds the key to deciphering an ancient treasure map and unveiling the treasure of MOGO.

Author Spotlight #5 - Amber Polo

Here's something on the light side:

Romancing Rebecca
by Amber Polo


1 Woman + 2 Men in 1 Body = 1 Romance Just like real life.

Unromantic Rebecca finds romance with a man who refuses to reveal his face AND a shy trance channeler.

The least romantic woman in the world uses her legal skills to battle for romance writers. This high-powered attorney, confused by feelings she keeps hidden, arrives in Sedona where she's caught up in a mysterious romance with a man who sends roses, romance novels, and chocolate, but refuses to reveal his face. To make matters worse, Rebecca thinks she's falling for a shy trance channeler who discovers someone is using his body for romance and his credit card for internet purchases.

Author Spotlight #4 - Rowena Cherry

Rowena Cherry

Insuficient Mating Material
(Science fiction romance/fantasy/ action adventure)
By Rowena Cherry

Just because the high handed hero of FORCED MATE decreed that his sharp-tongued, scandalous, fashionista sister (who made a film of herself having sex with an unsuitable stranger) must become the liability wife of his most annoying political rival did not mean that the Royal shotgun wedding would go off without a hitch. Indeed, when the bride saw the condition that her groom was in as he was frogmarched up the aisle, she threw a hissy fit and telekinetically hurled him onto his rump without touching him. So, the unhappy couple are marooned on a sub-tropical island so she can learn to appreciate a male who knows his way around the sharp end of a hunting knife....

Winner of its category in the Hollywood Book Festival Awards, the Fantasm Awards, the Night Owl Romance Awards, the Cupid and Psyche Award... and more

Author Spotlight #3 - Diane Tegarden

Anti-Vigilante and The Rips in Time
By Diane Tegarden


Terrax, the Crystal Planet, is an exacting world. A place where human physical contact is impossible and stepping outside is virtual suicide. The atmosphere is a hurricane of Coriolis winds and deadly scattershowers, composed of toxic metals formed into whip-like threads kilometers long. Immense Ocean Domes cover over the toxic sludge where the oceans used to be, and the surface of Terrax is covered in crystalline structures, called the Hives, where only the upper crust lives. No one can survive the raw elements; all must reside inside buildings, vicariously living through virtual reality programming.

Author Spotlight #2 - Mark Stephen Levy

Here is a historical, travel/adventure that takes places in the first days of the Soviet Union's invasion of Afghanistan on Dec.27, 1979...coming up on 30 years.

By Mark Stepehn Levy


It's the story of Danny Benson, who just graduates from medical school and time to settle down and wants to marry his girlfriend Heather.

Instead of Heather accepting his proposal she writes him a Dear John letter, and heads off to London with her friends and takes the Magic Bus from London, then overland all the way to Kathmandu, Nepal. What happens next is their moment of truth when Danny and Heather collide with history.

Author Spotlight #1 - Karina Fabian

Karina L. Fabian
Fiction, Faith and Fun!

Infinite Space, Infinite God:


Infinite Space, Infinite God features fifteen stories about the future Catholic Church: its struggles evangelize aliens and lost human colonies and to determine the soul-status of genetically modified humans, genetically-designed chimeras, and clones made from the Martian sand; the adventures of religious orders devoted to protecting interstellar travelers or inner-city priests; and how technical advances allow monks to live in solitude on the Moon and help one criminal learn the true meaning of Confession. But it's more than just a great read. With introductions exploring the issues at hand and current Church thinking, Infinite Space, Infinite God is bound to spark discussion and make people think--just as good science fiction should.">

Leaps of Faith
By Karina Fabian


Leaps Of Faith An Anthology of Christian Science FictionTired of science fiction that ignores our spirituality, or religious fiction that's weak on science? Leaps of Faith is an answer to a prayer! Each of its stories examines the interrelationship of faith and science in the development of human kind:
· Can androids have souls--what is sentience?
· How can we evangelize on alien worlds?
· What role will the true Creator play when humans try to "play God" with time travel?
· Can we reach the stars without that leap of faith?">

Firestorm of Dragons
By Karina Fabian


So, you want to know all about dragons? Run the gamut of stories about the mythological beasts in "Firestorm of Dragons." Humorous tales of extreme sports with genetically-engineered animals and pesky door-to-door salesmen with scales, exist beside conventional stories of treasure and deceit, hunter and hunted, hatred and sacrifice. See how dragons exist today without most humans noticing, or abandon all preconceived notions and imagine a dragon as a 1940s-style detective. Let your experience with dragons end with a trio of stories depicting the possible end of dragons--one uplifting, one poignant, and one heart-wrenching in its melancholy.">

Magic, Mensa and Mayhem
By Karina Fabian


Vern is a cynical dragon living on the wrong side of the Interdimensional Gap and working off a geas by St. George as a professional problem solver and agent of the Faerie Catholic Church. In this case, he and his partner, Sister Grace, a High Mage of the Faerie Catholic Church, have been asked by the Church to chaperone a few dozen Faerie citizens at a Mensa convention. Should be a cushy job, right? Not when pixies start pranking, Valkyries start vamping and a dwarf goes to the equivalent of Disneyworld hoping to be "discovered." Environmentalists protest Vern's "disrupting the ecosystem," while clueless tourists think he's animatronic. When the elves get high on artificial flavorings and declare war on Florida, it turns into the toughest case they'd not get paid for.">