Friday, December 18, 2009

Author Spotlight #11 - Trina James

SciFi/Speculative fiction trilogy
By Trina James

TheMPire: In Search of the LostThe MPire: In Search of the Lost-An enchanted story of Mallory Haulm uniting the four horsemen while accepting his charge as Death; struggling to balance his earthly paradise with his diabolical calling.

The MPire: Death ComethThe MPire: Death Comethdivulges life shattering secrets fated to move Heaven and Earth. Tranforming him and requiring him to take his rightful place as Death the fourth horsemen. The battle lines have been drawn and the most consecrated ritual will allow only one to be Death. Who will survive?

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Trinia James, PHE Ink

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  1. I enjoyed both Mpires: In Search of the Lost & Death Cometh and if you're looking for a story that grabs you and throws you out of your comfort zone, you'll LOVE it.