Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Author Spotlight #16 - Anna L. Walls

King by Right of Blood and Might
By Anna L. Walls


King by Right of Blood and Might is about a young prince who must learn how to become a king from someone other than his father. While on this journey of learning, he discovers that his life of isolation was not the norm and that his father's reclusiveness has allowed the country to fragment nearly to the point of extinction. He also comes to realize that if he simply returns home, he has no hope of changing anything. During his efforts to find out how this could have been allowed to happen, Prince Harris stumbles into a legend that allows him to acquire an army, and when legends begin to walk the Earth, it is to be expected that fairytales join forces with him - they all have a bone to pick with the evil that grips Pennland, and it behooves
everyone that it be defeated before it can spread its cancer any further.

Please check out my website for a complete synopsis and you can read a few sample pages as well.

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