Friday, December 11, 2009

Author Spotlight #4 - Rowena Cherry

Rowena Cherry

Insuficient Mating Material
(Science fiction romance/fantasy/ action adventure)
By Rowena Cherry

Just because the high handed hero of FORCED MATE decreed that his sharp-tongued, scandalous, fashionista sister (who made a film of herself having sex with an unsuitable stranger) must become the liability wife of his most annoying political rival did not mean that the Royal shotgun wedding would go off without a hitch. Indeed, when the bride saw the condition that her groom was in as he was frogmarched up the aisle, she threw a hissy fit and telekinetically hurled him onto his rump without touching him. So, the unhappy couple are marooned on a sub-tropical island so she can learn to appreciate a male who knows his way around the sharp end of a hunting knife....

Winner of its category in the Hollywood Book Festival Awards, the Fantasm Awards, the Night Owl Romance Awards, the Cupid and Psyche Award... and more

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