Friday, December 11, 2009

Author Spotlight #5 - Amber Polo

Here's something on the light side:

Romancing Rebecca
by Amber Polo


1 Woman + 2 Men in 1 Body = 1 Romance Just like real life.

Unromantic Rebecca finds romance with a man who refuses to reveal his face AND a shy trance channeler.

The least romantic woman in the world uses her legal skills to battle for romance writers. This high-powered attorney, confused by feelings she keeps hidden, arrives in Sedona where she's caught up in a mysterious romance with a man who sends roses, romance novels, and chocolate, but refuses to reveal his face. To make matters worse, Rebecca thinks she's falling for a shy trance channeler who discovers someone is using his body for romance and his credit card for internet purchases.


  1. Love this book - cute, funny, and gosh darned romantic!

  2. AMBER--good video! I don't think I've heard anyone use the premise for your plot--very unique and quite interesting. Best wishes on your promo--Celia

  3. Love trailer, Amber. The book sounds intriguing, and I love the concept.