Friday, December 11, 2009

Author Spotlight #7 - Kim Mc Dougall

Caul Shroud and Veil
Book I of the FireRaisers Trilogy
By Kim McDougall

Genre: Fantasy
Length: 369 pages
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing


How do you extinguish a sentient forest fire? And should you?

Canaan, a broken god, and Maia, a young FireRaiser, face the horrors behind a sentient forest fire razing the continent of Gnoss. Gnoss' divine king, Alred, is too wrapped up in his own fears to believe that his kingdom is truly threatened by a power greater than his own. These three characters collide in a battle of wills. Each is dependent on the other. Each believes he is alone to battle the demons that come from inside as well as those hiding in the darkest forests.

Maia was raised a devout Gnossin but when she meets Alred, she learns that he is a man like any other. Still, she reveres him as a god until he steals her son. In her most desperate hour, she turns to Canaan and the old gods. With their help, she must find the inner power to become a true FireRaiser.

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