Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010 Northern Colorado Writer's Conference

You just have to attend the 5th Annual, Northern Colorado Writer's Conference!

Two and a half years ago I joined Nothern Colorado Writer's group to find a place where I could gain more insight on the writing business, socialize, and hang out with other writers.  In that time, I have learned a lot about writing, submitting, networking, and promotion from a group of dedicated writers.  Also, I attended the past two Northern Colorado Writer's Conferences.

2008 was my first conference experience, and I did not know what to expect.  It was a welcoming experience with professional agents and great presenters sharing a wealth of knowledge and experience to a great group of writers.  I was amazed by the professionalism of the staff and the ability to pitch to well known, experienced, and successful literary agents.

The next year, 2009, I was excited to attend.  I now had an idea what to expect and was ready for my pitch session.  I had some great feedback from the agents and the conference presenters were top notch.  I was especially blown away by by the key note speakers.  I met a lot of new people and socialized with many of my writing friends.

I can't wait to go this year!
March 26-27 2010 Fort Collins Hilton


With over 29 great workshops to pick from, Agent/Editor Pitch Sessions, Friday Evening Red Carpet Gala and a chance to meet with other writers and professionals in the industry, what are you waiting for?  If you are aspiring to get published, want to further your knowledge about writing, self-published and want to network, or committing yourself to become a professional writer, then this conference is for you.

This action packed two days also includes all meals, agent pitch session (must have a completed manuscript), a pre-conference workshop (March 6 at NCW studio), and access to the conference bookstore.  This year, all conference attendees get a copy of Stephen Cannell's new book The Pallbearers.

Here is a list of the 2010 conference workshops:
  • From Proposal to Publication
  • Establishing a Marketing Plan
  • Selling your Book to Film and Television Stage Producers
  • Breaking into Non-Fiction: Learning the Facts and Dealing with Reality
  • How to Give Good Readings
  • Creating a Sense of Place
  • What is Inspirational Fiction?
  • How to Write for the Web
  • Agent Panel
  • Scenework: Writing the Robust Scene
  • The Art of Personal Essay
  • Mixing Humor, Mysteries and Older Characters
  • Dialogue and Setting: Tips on Letting Your Characters Speak and Live
  • Hopping onto Your Time Machine: Writing Memoir that Matters
  • Tragedy To Triumph
  • From Book-to-Screen: The Basics of the Film and Television Industries (and how an author and his/her book fit in)
  • Using Twitter to Boost Your Writing Income
  • Writing Sex Well
  • How to Successfully Weave Faith Into Your Stories
  • Editor Panel
  • Just Because It’s Nonfiction Doesn’t Mean It Has to Be Long
  • Intimate Emotions, Universal Themes and Syncronicity
  • Writing Fantasy & Sci-Fi —Challenges and Techniques
  • 15 Elements of a Great Movie
  • Agents & Editors Read the Slush Pile
Kerrie Flanagan

Kerrie Flanagan is the Director of Northern Colorado Writers and a freelance writer. Over the past decade she has published 120+ articles in national and regional publications, enjoyed two years as a contributing editor for Journey magazine, worked in PR for the Fort Collins CVB and for various authors and started The Writing Bug blog. Five of her stories have been published in various Chicken Soup For The Soul books and she is the author of the children's book, Cornelius Comma Saves the Day.

Prior to her writing career, Kerrie was a teacher for 10 years. Four years ago she combined her love for writing and teaching with her passion for helping other writers and started Northern Colorado Writers. Through classes, workshops, meetings and an annual conference, NCW is able to provide its 190 members and other writers, the tools, encouragement and information needed to find success.


Stephen Cannell
Author of the critically acclaimed Shane Scully series including On The Grind and At First Sight and writer/producer of more than 40 shows including Rockford Files, A-Team, 21 Jump Street and Greatest American Hero.
Click to visit:  Stephen Cannell

Todd Mitchell
Fort Collins resident and creative writing and literature professor at Colorado State University, Todd Mitchell had his first book, "The Traitor King" published with Scholastic and is working on other various projects.

Click here to visit Todd Mitchell


Rachelle Gardner
WordServe Literary

Rachelle Gardner is with WordServe Literary and is looking for series writers who have studied their craft and polished their work.  She is concentrating on books that can be placed in the Christian marketplace (i.e. CBA publishers), and is moving into more general market fiction. In nonfiction, she is representing books that would fit in the general market or the Christian market (or both).

Click here to visit Rachelle Gardner

Ken Sherman
Ken Sherman & Associates

Ken Sherman, founder of Ken Sherman & Associates in Beverly Hills handles screenplays, books and life rights. Ken, a Los Angeles native and University of California-Berkeley psychology graduate, started his career in film and television as a reader for Columbia Pictures. Sherman’s agency opened in 1989, and currently handles approximately 35 clients; he makes contact with most of his new writers through referrals, and he handles just about every topic you can think of in nonfiction, fiction and scripts.

Click here to visit Ken Sherman

Joe Monti
Barry Goldblat Literary

Joe Monti is with Barry Goldblat Literary.  Being the children's fiction buyer for both B. Dalton and Barnes and Noble, Inc. Joe was excited to see the possibilities in children's literature and went to work with Houghton Mifflin and later Little, Brown Books for Young Readers.  Joe joined Barry Goldblatt Literary where he can further pursue his passion of publishing, discovering and supporting writers and artists, and remain a "bookseller" at the heart of it all. Joe focuses on childrens, young adult, teen literature, as well as some adult genre fiction. 

Click here to visit Joe Monti


Mira Perrizo
Johnson Books

Johnson Books was established in 1978 and for 30 years Johnson Books has been exploring and celebrating both the facts and fantasies of the West through its varied list of nonfiction. Located in Boulder, Colorado, Johnson Books are regional in nature and include environmental subjects, history, geology, archaeology, guidebooks, outdoor recreation, cookbooks, general nonfiction, and fly-fishing.

Click here to visit Johnson Books

Ben Barnhart
Milkweed Press

Founded in Minnesota in 1979 by Emilie Buchwald and R.W. Scholes, Milkweed Editions is one of the nation's leading independent, nonprofit literary publishers, releasing twelve to twenty new books each year in the genres of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. In addition, we are one of two nonprofit presses that publish children’s literature.

Click here to visit Milkweed Press


Northern Colorado Writers

March 26-27 2010

Fort Collins Hilton

$260 NCW Members
$310 Nonmembers
$335 Conference & NCW Membership
$225 Friday or Saturday Only



  1. Excellent post, Tim. I'm looking forward to this conference too. I'll be pitching a novel this year, so should be interesting.

  2. Thanks Pat! Best wishes pitching your novel. Talk to you soon!


  3. Thanks for the great write-up. I am excited about the conference too.