Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Life Is A Password

What have our lives become?

It seems like every time I turn around I a creating a new log in and password for something. Either that, or I am trying to think up a new password because my current one has expired.  With the advent of the internet I fell at time all my life has become is one giant password.

  • Here are some clips I asked my friends and co-workers to contribute on the subject:
  • I forgot the password to my password keeper, to retrieve the password I forgot. I guess they are safe!
  • I put in my password to see who my date is going to be tonight.
  • I put in my password to see how much money I have -- wait, I put in my password to see how much money I don't have.
  • Some password security is getting ridiculous; my new password has to be twenty three characters long, I can not use the letter e, it must have two caps, three numbers that don't repeat, and I can't have used any of the digits or letters in the last twelve months!