Saturday, May 14, 2011

Otterocity! - Bring a Joyful Spirit to Your Life!


T.A. Northburg believes big lessons come in small packages. Nearly a year ago he was inpired to write a story about self discovery dring the economic down-turn and one man's journy to San Juan Island where he meets and Otter, he names Lizzie, and learns the lesson of bringing a joyfyl spirit to his life. This idea evolved into the book and theme called, Otterocity!

What exactly is Otterocity?

OTTEROCITY (Otter + ocity)

Otter: A small aquatic creatures that, despite their harsh living conditions or being hunted by predators, works hard and enjoys life to the fullest. They are big-hearted and energetic little animals that bring joy and happiness to their lives.

Ocity: Quality of.

Therefore, Otterocity is showing or possessing the qualities of Otters, to bring a joyful spirit to your life.

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