Friday, October 19, 2012

Author Spotlight #17 - Jim Reilly

By Jim Reilly


James Connor discovers an alien spacecraft buried along with the remains of early human ancestors. It sets in motion a chain of events that pit religion vs. science for control of man’s beliefs. His actions unwittingly make him a pawn in a mysterious plan for the future of mankind and the universe.

Evolution is a story with an epic plot that addresses the great questions of time: God, Satan and mankind’s role in the universe. The conflict between religion vs. science is a timeless debate that is the backdrop to the story. It involves the discovery of an alienship and influence the aliens had on our earliest ancestors, as well as, their plan for the future of the human race. The characters must deal with the reactions of various nations and cultures caused by the discoveries where paranoia, confusion, reactionism, fears all ring true.

The characters in this story must come to terms with the discovery of a spacecraft and the implications that follow the discovery. It asks where did we come from and where are we going from here. It also asks where does religion and religious text become relevant in the final battle for the universe and the end of time, as man must determine how to defeat the aliens and their plan for mankind.

Jim Reilly is a new science fiction novelist. In 2009, he finished an MBA program during which his professors gave accolades to his writing prowess. Upon graduation, Jim was caught up in the economic recession, and was laid off from his corporate position. Jim’s wife suggested that he should write the book he had long envisioned, and to the gratitude of sci-fi readers everywhere, he did.

Jim is a married father of four, born and raised in Long Island, New York. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from the State University of New York -Empire State College and a Master of Business Administration from the New York Institute of Technology.

From an early age, Jim always had a fascination with science, religion, and science fiction to a point that it became a passion of his. Now he enjoys putting that passion to paper. He has already penned his second sci-fi book and is working on his third.

Thank you Jim for being in my Spotlight.  I wish you the best in your writing career!

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