Sunday, November 4, 2012

Author Spotlight #19 - Jil Plummer

Caravan to Armageddon
By Jil Plummer

Set in the year 2030, photo-journalist Kendra Savage, recovering from the loss of her husband and young son during a worldwide pandemic , reluctantly accepts the assignment to document a top secret journey across the United States. Celebrities from eleven countries will travel in trailers, hoping to convince the world, and themselves , that all is again safe.  But someone is out to sabotage the trip and Kendra must discover who before it is too late.   Caravan, besides excitement, shows the wonder of the human spirit under the most stressful circumstances as these diverse people bond and reveal their often surprising true selves.

Jil Plummer attended school on Vancouver Island then, after Finishing School in England, trained horses, acted off broadway New York, worked as secretary on a banana plantation in Jamaica, then for a clown show on ABCTV in Hollywood. After marriage to a photojournalist, they traveled to many countries on assignment . Jil also taught English as a Second Language to foreign adults and from all this emerged Caravan To Armageddon and other novels in line to be published.

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