Friday, December 14, 2012

Author Spotlight #25 - Robert Dorang

The Schoolmistress
by Robert Dorang
It is 1897. Anne Marie Laforge rebels against her doting and domineering French-born father and impulsively accepts a teaching position in a one-room schoolhouse in upper Appalachia, home of her late mother. Far from the comfort and refinement of her native Quebec, she is soon confronted with the ruggedness and idiosyncrasies of the inhabitants of a small village. She encounters Ned Pennant, an elective mute trapper-poacher. First repulsed by this near-illiterate, then intrigued, she challenges herself to make him speak again. They will fall in love but their romance is short lived when Ned is accused of murder. Will Anne Marie be dismissed from her teaching position for having consorted with an alleged criminal? International events, matrimonial proposals, travels and personal crisis will shape her and Ned’s destinies.


(It can be purchased on the web site and is also available on Amazon, Amazon Kindle, and Kindle Prime)

ROBERT DORANG was born and grew up in Pennsylvania. After training as a military pilot, he studied journalism at Lehigh University and the University of Oregon. He started his career reporting for the Caldwell News Tribune,the Oregon Journal and the Buffalo Evening News before doing an internship in Washington, D.C. with the American Political Science Association working with Congressmen and Senators.  He returned to the Buffalo Evening News and subsequently reported for the Wall Street Journal before going to Europe.  He was the first American to serve as spokesman for the European Economic Community. Thereafter Robert Dorang acted as Bureau Chief for McGraw Hill and World Report Business Week in Bonn, Germany, then as Foreign and Washington Correspondent in Paris, France and Washington, D.C. He later worked at the OECD in Paris as editor and audio-visual scriptwriter. He was fluent in French and German.  Robert Dorang retired and moved back to Pennsylvania where he and his wife, Geneviève, owned a one-room schoolhouse they lovingly restored and was also the inspiration for The Schoolmistress. Prior to The Schoolmistress, he wrote several short stories.  Besides writing, Robert’s other interests were fly fishing, camping, bird watching, and especially the visual arts. He excelled in watercolor. He exhibited in Paris, France and in the U.S. He was a signature member of the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society.  

Robert was professional writer who died of cancer before he was traditionally published.  Robert passed away in 1999.
His wife Genevieve, published his book.

That's true love for you!

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