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Author Spotlight #26 - Kizmo Macoubrie

More Than a Wish
By Kizmo Macoubrie 

More Than a Wish is a true story about a stressed out television producer devastated by the death of her child. She reaches out to God in prayer and in a moment of clarity, God grants her three wishes. What if God stepped into your life and granted you three wishes? What would your three wishes be?

Don't doubt that God answers wishes, God relates to everyone, including everyday people and people with unusual, quirky or eclectic views. No one is left out. God has plans for your future and this includes answering your wishes and prayers. More Than a Wish is a collection of powerful stories that shows how to find your destiny and understand your true propose. Discovering your true purpose allows you to place your trust and security in God. More Than a Wish shows you how to magnify and develop an enlightened relationship with God. The book is filled with spiritual tales that will sink deep into your spiritual subconscious giving you the confidence, trust and courage to accomplish a fulfilling everyday life. Only 100 pages, every chapter reveals a lesson that releases stress and gives you comfort.

More Than a Wish has stories of recovery and hope, and shows how God helps everyone triumph over everyday obstacles. The book is for Christians and non-Christians who feel they are spiritually unique. Get answers to your prayers and find out how God understands your wishes, right away!

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Authors Comment
After writing Chapter Six in my book I was moved to compose a song.

I'd never written a song before and I wasn't a musician or a singer, but I believed the song was divine inspiration and as His gift, it would be an amazing song. However, I had no clue how this would come to be. I trusted my faith in God, and simply believed. 

That tiny reflection of faith reached out and attracted the attention of Ira Walker, a two-time Grammy nominated songwriter. Ira read my site and he was moved to contact me. It amazed me how easily God had connected me to a songwriter and someone so talented. After all, Ira had recently been nominated for a Grammy as a producer, singer/songwriter and he had co-written a song with Eddie Money. Ira is a mentor and a musician, God had made an amazing connection for me by giving me a mentor. 

Ira was already recording a sound track for an author and famous musician, Dann Rogers. They invited me to the television taping of that concert. It was almost a year before Ira and I collaborated on the song God had given me but once our collaboration started it was worth the wait.


A native Californian, Kizmo grew up as a “surfer girl” in San Diego where her father worked in the aircraft industry. His love of airplanes motivated her to receive a degree in travel. While modeling and working in film, she soon entered the world of television and this led to her hosting her own television show. It was during her time in television Kim Macoubrie assumed her nickname, Kizmo

Through the popularity of her television show Kizmo met world renowned religious leaders, celebrities, musicians, politicians and leaders in the fields of science, religion and spirituality. Although her understanding of spirituality includes advice from experts she includes the Bible's spiritual teachings in her stories. Kizmo's book is based on personal experiences and includes glimpses into her television show. She interviewed numerous personalities including Dennis Weaver, Arlo Guthrie and several members from: Star Trek: The Next Generation. You can see her in pictures with guests from her television show on her website. (

She now maintains a quiet lifestyle in Northern California while writing the sequel to More Than a Wish. When asked to describe herself, she replies, “I love to laugh.” Kizmo writes a brand of Christian books for non-Christians and for people who feel they are spiritually unique. Kizmo shares perspectives that are both practical and spiritual and can be applied to stress, health, work, relationships, unemployment, illness, and other common everyday situations and experiences.


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