Sunday, January 6, 2013

Author Spotlight #28 - Annette Reid

Domestic Violence The Disease
The Sara Faraday Story
By Annette Reid

Sara, was determined to marry the man of her dreams; Little did she know, her dream would soon turn into a nightmare. Naive, innocent Sara Ramsey, fell madly in love with bad-boy, Mike Farraday. Despite the negative rumors, Sara, married Mike, and soon became the target of his drunken rages and erratic behavior. After eight years of physical and mental abuse, Sara, finally realizes that she has to get out. Mike is determined that Sara won't live long enough to escape the hell that he has prepared for her. This story weaves lies with love, treachery with truth and serves up a menu of suspense-spiced with a tablespoon of murder. This story is fiction, but the events are based on true episodes that took place.

The book can be found on:
in paperback as well as kindle version. 
This story can also be purchased at and Barnes.

Annette Reid can be found on facebook,

My name is Annette Reid. I am a Nurse in Alabama. I've been writing for 10 years. I usually do blogs for groups such as, I'm safe and She Writes. I am a member of the writers guild. I am a Domestic Violence advocate. I have been working with Domestic violence victims and survivors for several years. I attended the University of South Alabama. I am in the process of getting my second book, (Domestic Violence, The Nightmare of Sara Farraday)  published. I am also working on a third manuscript as well.

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