Sunday, January 27, 2013

Author Spotlight #31 - Lee Pletzers

Resurrection Child
By Lee Pletzers

Cthulhu introduced himself to a writer in the eighteenth century, with the full knowledge that more people would investigate the Cthulhu myth and soon a belief would spread. Like a virus it would infect millions as others learned of the old gods and their imprisonment. These writers wove more stories into the minds of millions, until one person discovered the hidden clues in all the stories, pieced together the ‘voices’ and understood what needed to be done. The Old Ones will return. 

Damon Hutter is a neo-Nazi thug going through a belief change. But when he witnesses the seeding of Caroline for the Old Ones, Damon realizes he must protect her from Roy and the rest of the Cthulhu cult in order to correctly bring forth the dawning of a new age: Cthulhu’s birth. Now it’s a race against time, the police, and two warring cults to get to Carol first. 

His life change is the will of Cthulhu. 
The killings are the will of Cthulhu. 
Everything is the will of Cthulhu. the will of Cthulhu.

Lee Pletzers is a writer who is very active in the genre world, online and off. He has five novels published:  Blood of the Wolf (2001), The Last Church (2009), The Game (2010), The Armageddon Shadow (2011), RAGE (2012) and Resurrection Child, (2012) via Dark Continents Publishing. He has over 70 short stories published online and in print and is also a member of AHWA (Australian Horror Writers Association), Fictioneers and a founding member SpecFicNZ. Lee has moved into the Indy scene and is publishing under his own banner: Triskaideka Books on Amazon and Smashwords. He still sends his books out to independant publishers, looking for that elusive million dollar cheque.

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