Sunday, January 20, 2013

Neal James Follow Up

News Flash! 

Derbyshire author, Neal James, releases his fifth book – 
‘Full Marks’ (ISBN 9781782282631) on April 4th 2013.

Full Marks
By Neal James 

Dennis Marks thought he had seen it all. That was before Solomon Goldblum crossed his path – after that, things were never the same again. The trauma which the old Jew had inflicted upon him had brought about a near psychological collapse. That the DCI had been able to conceal the fragility of his mental state from the shrink whom the Met had forced him to see had been down to his sheer determination.

Now, all of that effort was about to be challenged by one of the most daunting figures at New Scotland Yard – Superintendent Eric Staines. The Independent Police Complaints Commission were about to take Marks’ life apart, professionally and personally, and Staines, as one of its fiercest inquisitors, was not a man inclined to show mercy.

A month was all that the DCI had to prove his innocence of a range of charges dating back to his days as a detective sergeant. A career spent putting away the dregs of London’s criminal world was to hang in the balance, and he was, he believed, for the first time...alone.

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The story tracks the fortunes of one of the Metropolitan Police’s finest officers as he tries to clear his name. A raft of accusations, laid before the IPPC, threatens to undermine everything that he has achieved in over thirty years in the force. Powerful forces, ranged on either side of the investigation, are set to determine the course of DCI Dennis Marks’ professional and personal life.

Following on the heels of ‘A Ticket to Tewkesbury’ (2008), ‘Short Stories Volume One’ (2009), ‘Two Little Dicky Birds’ (2010), and ‘Threads of Deceit’ (2011), ‘Full Marks’ is the latest in Neal’s growing portfolio, and can be obtained from the publisher, Pneuma Springs, at discounts of 40% for order of 50 copies or more per title.

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