Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Author Spotlight #34 - Brian Beecher

Judas Times Seven
by Brian Beecher

Bruce is a data entry operator working in a bank processing facility. Less than one year ago, he suffered a fall which left him sidelined for some time and looked at this as a great chance to get back on firm footing. At first he thinks little of Janice , his lead person on the job and the story’s female lead. He considers her personality to be on the abrasive side. But during a slow period she displays a sunnier side to which he becomes quite fondly attracted. The attraction to one he now considers a voluptuous, wholesome and moderately sexy woman proves charismatic and before long those around him begin to take notice. He begins getting teased into a confession. Within a few days Bruce would come out of the closet and the working relationship would crash. Behind the scenes a man who once was a boss but later demoted who had a penchant for being a ladies’ man was vying for Janice’s attention and wanted no part of Bruce being in the way. As a result he began to instigate a plot along with a female accomplice to ensure Bruce’s ouster. He was well aware that the corporation had more protection under the law than the human being and that Bruce would have little chance of successful challenge. Bruce is trying to come to grips with Janice’s now more reserved attitude toward him and assorted changes in atmosphere while still making ends meet. What Bruce doesn’t count on and isn’t aware of is the depth of the plot against him. One of his other workmates is drawn in when she learns of a possible opening which she wants to get and make sure that he doesn’t, especially since he appears to be a more able and qualified candidate. The plot to destroy Bruce becomes a cadre of seven people. They convince Janice that Bruce is not what he seems, and having to deal with learning a new position fuels the fire of conflicting emotions as she had.

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My name is Brian Beecher. I reside in the Chicagoland area. I have worked numerous types of jobs in my life and have two previous self-published titles with AuthorHouse, "This Is What I Do" and "Needed Now". The current story, "Judas Times Seven" delves into the pitfalls of not only not attending to business before pleasure and the sometimes radical consequences which occur when office politics muddies the waters of what really occurs. My qualifications to write this piece of reality fiction stem from being a veteran of the office politics scene.

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