Saturday, March 9, 2013

Could Zebulon Finnegan be the Next Harry Potter?

The Harry Potter series has been finished for some time now.  The Twilight Saga is wrapping up.  The Hunger Games is in full swing.  What is going to come next?


Could Zebulon Quest - The Artifacts of Merlin Saga be the next Harry Potter?


"Quite possibly.  Something will fit the slot as the next series for kids to read.  Why not a story about Merlin's grandson and his quest through space and time to find seven hidden artifacts of Merlin so he can release Merlin from his enchantment on Earth."

The Darth Writer

You tell me . . . Do you think this could be the next Harry Potter series?

Check it out:


  1. Let's hope so, Tim! Nice work getting this out.

  2. Thanks Dean, I appreciate your enthusiasm!