Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Author Spotlight #35 - Monica Kinsky

The Adventure of Being
By Monica Kinsky

The Adventure of Being: self-knowledge through life experiences, is the result of 19 years of living and discovering that life can be difficult, that yes, we are going to have a lot of challenges that we might think the challenges can brake us, but if we look deep inside of us, we have the strength as well as all the answers that we need to live our lives. Life is an adventure that can be pleasant or not, with changes that we might need to make to be able to learn, grow, overcome obstacles and continue our journey through life. After a challenging marriage and separation I was able to turn around my life with trusting in myself and in all what I found inside of me. We all are connected to our source, even if we recognize it or not, we all are part of life and it depends on us in how we want to live, victorious or martyrs, to be happy, positive every moment of our lives, or be miserable. The decision is ours and the more you recognize that if we want love, acceptance, respect, motivation, trust, we need to start with ourselves. I really hope this book can help you as it has helped me discover that we all have a gold mine inside of us!

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About the Author

Monica, positive, open minded, passionate for knowledge, is a transformational author, English/Spanish Teacher, graphic and web designer, entrepreneur and mother of 2 beautiful children. In 1993 the book : "La Aventura del Ser" "The Adventure of being" was given to her through life experiences. it was published in Mexico City in 1993 with help of Julia de la Portilla from Ediluz. In 1997 the second edition was published and after 15 years the first edition in English "The Adventure of Being" is now available. Like her mentors and guides have mentioned to Monica, all of the knowledge she receives from them, she needs to live through her life, and after she has lived all the experiences and figures out on how to find the answer in solving her life, is when "Kinsky" writes all the experiences in a deep and profound manner so she can share her experiences and knowledge she has learned from life, and this has been the process of 20 years. Monica has learned philosophy (eastern and western), meditation, yoga, tai chi, assisted many self-help seminars and read many books of great authors that has helped her balance her life.

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