Saturday, April 13, 2013

Author Spotlight #36 - Simone Ravicz

Thriving with Your Autoimmune Disorder:
A Woman's Mind-Body Guide
By Dr. Simone Ravicz

A thorough mind-body guide to assist women with autoimmune diseases and related conditions (Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) to reduce pain and distress and boost well-being and health.

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High On Stress:
 A Women’s Guide to Optimizing the Stress in Her Life

A comprehensive guide to assist women to achieve success in all aspects of their lives while maximizing positive stress (prostress) and minimizing negative stress.

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Dr. Simone Ravicz is a highly acclaimed life coach and therapist who uses a synthesis of strategic coaching approaches and mind-body techniques with a solution oriented focus and cutting edge modalities to provide caring, empathic assistance to her clients. She views coaching as a joint venture with both parties contributing to the relationship and the success of the outcomes.

The client is central and she helps the client uncover his or her true potential to lead a life that is worth celebrating! She keeps people focused, challenged and motivated to live their professional and personal lives on PURPOSE and per their GOALS which come out of their work together.

Her clients report tremendous gains and are always pleased with the speed with which they obtain desired changes and self-selected goals. They attain balance and integration in their lives through generating financial success, increasing self-esteem and assertiveness, improving relationships, solving difficulties in the home, enhancing communication skills, improving health, and replacing negative stress with positive stress (prostress) and joy.

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