Friday, September 13, 2013

Internet Safety For Children

The seriousness of online predators is very prevalent in our society. Every day children are targeted online by predators. As a parent of three children I am quickly grasping the dangers of the internet and my children surfing on it.

Maggie Goins, a local Fort Collins author and friend, has dedicated her life to spreading the word of the dangers of the internet and the predators that target children.

IN REAL LIFE is a fictitious story about the dangers of the internet. Maggie Goins does a real good job of blending fiction with what could really happen to children who befriend someone online. It is easy to see through Libby's story how easy it is for children to fall prey to online strangers, and the outcome that could potentially happen. For Libby, it ends well. There are many children out there, in real life, that it ends not so well.  

Maggie said it best, "Many families know the Internet is not only a wonderful source of fun and information, but also a dangerous world for a child to explore unsupervised. Unfortunately, other families are not so aware. "

By Maggie Goins

Every Parent and tween should buy and read Maggie's book IN REAL LIFE


Libby is dealing with extreme pressures that life sometime places on us. She is still reeling from the death of her mother and is facing the challenges of dealing with her father's marriage to a new wife, and the addition of a step brother and sister in her life. Before going away on a business trip, Libby's father gives her an old computer and sets it up in her room. While her father is away on a business Libby sets up her own e-mail and explores chat rooms unsupervised. She turns to a new chatroom friend, Jeff, who seems to "Understand what she is going through." Looking for someone to understand her feelings, comfort her, and give her the connection she is missing in her life, Libby falls prey to an online predator. After several e-mails she agrees to meet Jeff at a local mall. At the mall she is slipped some drugs in her drink and plans on kidnapping her. Luckily her school friends uncover her hidden secret and rush to the mall and alert security guards, who step in and arrest the man, saving Libby.

I read this book and am sharing it with my children. If you are a parent, you need to read this, have your children read this and then discuss it together.

-- by Tim Northburg AKA The Darth Writer

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