About Me

"It is my goal to inspire children and adults of all ages to follow their dreams and achieve success in their lives!"

Timothy A. Northburg was born in West Germany. As a military child, he moved around to many different and exciting places and met many new people along the way. From as early as he can remember he was fascinated with books and stories. His love affair with books sparked his imagination. As a young boy he was always making up many adventures with his friends. Today he lives in Colorado with his wife and three children. He thrives on sharing his appreciation of literature and his wild imagination with his daughters. When he is not working, he spends time with his children nurturing their creativity. The thing he looks forward to most is reading them bedtime stories and sharing the magic of the books he enjoyed as a kid. He is an avid reader and loves going on new adventures.

Tidbits About the Author:
  • First job in 1996, Was a Water Safety Aid helping teach children how to swim.
  • Was a Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor for 5 years.
  • Taught an 83 year old woman how to swim. (She was afraid of the water.)
  • Worked at TCBY serving soft serve yogurt. (Ate a lot of mistakes!)
  • Was a DJ for a year.
  • Delivered milk door to door for one day. (It was a sour job!)
  • Lived in Chester, England for a year.
  • Drove a red 1998 Mini Cooper Sport with white racing stripes, 13" sport wheels and a Union Jack decal on the roof.
  • Loves Mountain Dew.
  • Is addicted to Football (Soccer)
  • Favorite team is Manchester United
  • Saw David Beckham play at Old Trafford in 1998 against Charlton Athletic. (Way before most Americans knew who he was.)
  • Sometimes craves fish, chips, mild curry sauce, and a pint of Strongbow.
  • Favorite band is U2.
  • Worked at Saturn and was married to an alien.
  • Wore Lederhosen as a child.
  • Took six years of German, and forgot almost as much as he learned.
  • Worked at WalMart.
  • Worked three jobs during his first semester in college.
  • In high school, drove his step dad's light yellow Pontiac Grand LeMans station wagon, and called it the Banana Mobile.